Content Orchestration to speed up Go-To-Market

The last few years have brought tumultuous changes to the supermarket landscape, as ecommerce has exploded, new online-only competition is beginning to appear, and Covid-19 has impacted the way supermarkets operate. This has created new pressure on already complex content demands, with supermarkets often juggling multiple agencies and systems to create content for different channels.

But recently, a number of supermarkets have started to approach content strategically, orchestrating their workflows and tools for maximum efficiency, consistency, and quality, saving money, increasing productivity, and protecting their brand in the process.

WoodWing Software spoke to a number of their supermarket customers and the partners who support them to find out best practices and ways supermarkets can be more efficient, scalable, and flexible in their approach to content. The research shared in this white paper includes

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Content Orchestration for Supermarkets